Tuesday, January 17, 2012

That Same Horn

It is late Wednesday evening. Steeped in despair at the flight i was about to catch to Abuja, i walked slowly through the airport, unmindful of the people there. The drunks, the families traveling together, Stephanie Okereke and the endless parade of possible homosexuals and politicians. Occasionally i glanced at the faces of these strangers, a young couple in love, a group of teenagers laughing about a scary movie they saw last night. Hah! They had no idea what scary really was, but i could show them. What would they think?  What would they do if they knew what i really was? Would they recoil in horror and disgust, or stare at me in disbelief? I'm taking the 8:45pm Aero flight for the Xmas. I'm depressed. A depression that occured as soon as my PA called to tell me he could only get me a seat on Aero. Aero? That's pure undiluted depression right there.

My skin as usual is cold to the touch, but I'm used to that. My eyes however are large and bright, attracting looks from everyone as i walk past. My lips are full and inviting and my breasts feel heavy even as i look around the airport. I'm hungry and thirsty but the smell of food in the nearby coffee shop repulses me and i squeeze my face in disgust. How can they stand these things? I locate an empty seat between a fat man and a young woman. He's asleep and snoring softly like he's been that way for a bit. The girl smiles as i sit down. Her eyes take in my expensive clothing and i see her eyes sparkle. I can tell she's been around. Different scents of men linger all over her like a bad omen. I can smell the syphillis and i look away in disgust. Boarding announced.

I'm just walking to the boarding gate when I see him. He's tall and built, wearing a t-shirt that said 'not a booty call' and i can't take my eyes off him. My heart slams when his eyes meet mine and my stomach rumbles, electricity cackles between us and he looks surprised. I'm glad to know he's affected by the chemistry. I can already picture us writhing on silk sheets in our nudity. His arms are toned from pushing weights and his butt looks so delicious i wanna sink my teeth into them. He keeps glancing at me like we have met somewhere before.

I take my business class seat. My kind have immersed a fortune over the ages but my fee as a private investigator more than compensates for my lavish lifestyle. I was about to put my luggage into the overhead compartment when i felt his presence. He is my seat mate. I smile to myself but he looks nervous. Good. He had every reason to be. He was mine before he even saw me. His body belonged to me and i wet my lips in anticipation of our co-joining. I felt his sorrow like a slap as soon as he sat down next to me. I could read his thoughts. He had lost a loved one. But hadn't we all? I introduced myself and we got talking. His name is Abba.

The plane landed too soon. I was transfixed with this being like no other, and my surprise was visible when it turned out we were both guests at the Hilton. He took my phone number with a promise to call when he was settled in his room. I hoped to hear from him , but a part of me knew it was a bad idea. My conscience reminded me of the people i had hurt in the past. How many men had i truly loved i wondered. There were four in all my years on earth. The others i just took from and used to satisfy my thirst. They meant nothing. My phone rang as i got out of the bath. It was him, asking me to join him for dinner downstairs. I told him i would prefer dinner in his room. He didn't mind and gave me his room number. He asked me to give him an hour as he wanted to take a shower. I took time to apply lemon oil to my skin. The effect was a healthy glow, a lovely smell and the feeling of edibility. My lace lingerie from Style Rebirth was next and a silk frock from L'espace completed the look. My hypnotic poison was so arousing to my senses even as i applied heavy eye liner. My lip gloss was cherry flavoured with a tingy sweetness to it. I opened my door and walked towards the elevators.

As i took the elevators down, i could hear the voices of people all around. The husband beating his wife, the gay couple making out, the waiters teasing each other. I didn't try to close them out, i needed the distraction. The elevators opened for a group of young men. One whistled at  me and i could feel his desire rise like a rabid monster. I smiled. Men are such fickle creatures. The doors opened to Abba's floor and i followed the arrows to his room. I was 20 minutes early-intentionally-of course. I knocked on the door thrice and heard him yell something. But nothing could prepare me for the sight when he opened the door. He had only a towel around his waist. There was also an impressive tattoo of a panther running across his chest. We looked at each other and i don't remember who moved first.

I pulled off his towel as we kissed and i could feel his erection prodding my stomach. I died when he moaned and my skin began to crawl. I was on heat, so much so that the air became misty and little droplets of water began to fall. His eyes were glazed with desire and confusion when i pushed away from him, but his mouth fell open when i began to take off my clothes. My breasts felt heavy and my stomach rumbled. When we kissed again, my womb clenched and i pushed him to the bed and took him in my mouth. He grabbed a pillow as i licked him over, and over again. He turned me round to return the favour and i growled like a baby rotweiler. My body was stretching, i needed him so i pushed his face up and kissed him. I climbed on top and felt my legs shake as i rode him like it was my last day on earth. When his lips touched my nipples, i felt my body tense up so i grabbed both his hands and lay them on my butt. I rode him faster and bent down to taste the skin on his neck. So salty, pulse throbbing, ebbing with blood. It was hard to control the monster raging in me. My stomach rumbled again reminding me that i had not eaten all day. My eyes started to itch and redden, and my vagina walls began to close around his penis. He moaned louder and my fangs elongated. And as we both reached earth shattering orgasms, I bit into his neck and drank him dry. It is true what you have heard. My kind really does exist. I am Vampyre and i live amongst you.

 To @sheisboki, @khimmypossible, @iluvpinkblush and @RealistXX for the encouragement. This post is respectfully dedicated.