Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rule Book of Bollocks

What a bunch of absolute fuckery listening to people debate and whine about dating a chic who has a history string of 7-10 guys below the belt. I mean, is that what the problem is with Nigeria today? Guys paying too much attention to womenfolk's vagina and judging her by statistics? So if she dated 10 guys in 10 years and slept with all ten that makes her whore? Mothers telling their daughters bullcrap like "I was a virgin when i married your dad" is bollocks number two after "I always came first in school" in the rule book of bollocks our parent's say.

Who died and made you judge over Israel? How dare you decide what to tell a woman based on the people she's been with. What do you know of her life, her struggles, her pains, her weaknesses, the circumstances that drove her to do the things she did? A woman sleeps for money-its an issue. She sleeps for fun-its wahala. She kpoxes her man-its wahala. What the hell is wrong! You quote the bible and lay emphasis on the verses that state a woman should be virtuous. Didn't your bible tell you that virginity is not a virtue? (A virtuous woman is explained in Proverbs 31). Are you telling me that a virgin who has committed patricide, murder, sodomy or has stolen from the church, her company and oppressed those beneath her is virtuous all because her hymen is intact? Get thee behind me satan. 

I suppose when you asked your girlfriend how many guys she had been with, she said you were the second right? In your mind you've snagged one of the good ones shei? Lets think about this for a moment- you date a girl who has just slept with two guys, but has no job, is lousy in public, can't stand your family and is rude to all your friends or on the other side, she's had seven lovers, is a great cook, has a great job, is church going, and an introvert-which of them would you pick. Yes, you have to choose one, you can't have it all.

At the end of the day, sex doesn't last forever. When we are old, and our bones are too weak to support us, and we begin to lose our ability to hold urine or hold in fart, what happens next? We obviously cannot have sex. Is it gonna matter then if your wife slept with 10 men? If you guys are not friends, or if you do not get with someone who you find attractive spiritually, mentally, academically, socially and physically then you're gonna grow old to be a miserable excuse of a human being.

Every woman's body is hers to do with as they so please. I'm not saying you should go all domitilla on yours but didn't Martin Luther King say we should be judged by the content of our character? A woman should never be fucking judged by the amount of guys she's slept with. Its a fucking ridiculous mentality and O kod belso to all the guys who think otherwise. For the ladies who go around running their mouths and stabbing other girls in the back. Keep doing what you're doing because that's the highest level you'll ever get to in life. You  think you're Miss goody-2-shoes because no one knows about the dragon size skeletons in your closest. If you've really only slept with two guys i'm really happy for you.  It can only be one of three things: You're just into your second relationship, You're a lesbian, or you're a really principled person. Either way, let that decision be yours and not reflect on others. I'm really pleased for you either way.

I had this acquaintance who went on and on and on about how her friends were sluts and how she couldn't stand aristo girls/girls who dated married men and how they were all going to hell. She would give speeches about how her mom taught her better and all that. They are your friends, why can't you talk to them? Why badmouth them to me?  Do you know how annoying it is to listen to such holier than thou people? Yesterday i just got fed up and said to her, "Your mom is a freaking third wife, how the hell do you think she got there?" I'm against ladies dating married men, it is so wrong on many different levels. But if i had a friend doing such, you can be sure i'd give them a piece of my mind-not ramble about it to some acquaintance. 

All i'm saying is that there are more important things in life. There are women getting raped and assaulted everyday, Men dying at war, Children being sold into all sorts of slavery, malnourished, dying of diseases and starvation, Hurricanes, famines, wild fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, poverty, world hunger, joblessness, Ozone layer falling apart and in Nigeria boko haram and what not. What have you done to help your neighbour who is destitute or a stranger in need? When last did you visit an Orphanage or donate to your local church or mosque? There are more pressing issues in this life than sitting on your butts wondering if or why the chic you're with has slept with over seven guys. Its not that serious-yet.