Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lifestlyes of the rich and famous

When my father was alive, I thought he was Rich. After his death, I found out he was wealthy. Then i went through the Forbes list of Wealthiest people in the world and it clicked that he was indeed poor. I recall Brandon Davis attack on Lindsay Lohan. His exact words where "She has the stinkiest, sweatiest, orange vagina anyone has ever seen, she wants me to see it but it shits out freckles, and smells like diarrhea. I think she's worth about Seven Million [dollars], which means she's really poor. It's disgusting. She lives in a motel in new york. She is a fire crotch with a clitoris that is seven feet long.
Seven Million dollars???? And she's poor? It got me thinking of the kind of wedding and life style i would lead if money was not an issue. So, i did a little research. Before you continue, be warned that the following statistics may lead to permanent depression amounting to a very lengthy stay in yaba left.

10. Donald Trump and Melanie Knauss

I recall an interview Melanie gave where she spoke about the early stages of her relationship with Trump. He was on the phone with a friend of his who asked if she had cellulite. Trumps reply was "Cellulite? She doesn't know the meaning of the word". They wed on January 22 2005. The cake (Grand Mariner) weighed 200lbs and the brides dress alone cost $200,000 with a 13 foot train, 1500 Rhinestones and pearls all weighing 60lbs. Tony Bennett and Billy Joel entertained guests which included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Shaq, Rudy Giulaini and Katie Couric. Total cost of the wedding was $1,000,000,000 (One Million Dollars)

9. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

I love Tom Cruise but i'm not a fan of Scientology. When these two got together i was worried for katie. Anyways, they got married November 18 2006 in Italy at the 15th century Odescalchi Castle. The bridal party attire was designed by Georgio Armani whilst Andrea Bocelli performed at the ceremony. Total cost was $2,000,000,000 (Two Million Dollars)

8. Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley

I love this couple. They wed on the Wednesday 2nd March 2007 in an eight day celebration spanning Europe and Asia. These included being married in Sudeley Castle in Gloucestshire, Britain, the Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodphur India. Elizabeth was given away by Sir Elton John. Other guest included Elle Macpherson, Donatella Versace and Evelyn Lauder. Total cost was $2,500,000 (Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) and the wedding officially broke up early this year.

7. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills 

I always thought they made an odd couple but i was so thrilled to see him happy after losing his wife to cancer. They were married on the 11th of June 2002 in Glaslough England in a ceremony witnessed by 300 guests. This was followed by fireworks, a pageant and a mad feast. Their wedding night was spent on a $20million yacht. The total cost of the wedding was $3Million, whilst their divorce cost even more at $50Million.

6. Liza Minelli and David Guest

These two remind me of the Adam's family-especially David. Married on March 16th 2002 at Manhattan's Collegiate church. Over 850 guests including Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Natalie Cole who sang unforgettable were in attendance. The 12 tier cake was 6ft tall and cost $40k, whilst more than $70k was spent on flowers alone. Total cost of the wedding was $3.5Million. Alas, the wedding didn't last more than a year and they divorced in 2003.

5. Delphine Arnault and Allessandro Vallarino Gancia

Delphine, the daughter of French business man Bernard Arnault married Allessandro Gancia of the Gancia wine dynasty on September 24 2005 at the Roman Catholic Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Bazas in Gironde. The reception was held in a transparent tent and winery was provided by Arnault's LVMH known for its $100k bottles of wine. Her gown was designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior and took 1,300hours to make. The reception took place at Château d'Yquem, in Bordeaux. The venue was decorated with 5000 white roses. Guests included Elizabeth Hurley, John Galliano, Bernadette Chirac,former French first lady, Karl Lagerfield, Glenda Bailey manager of Harper's Bazaar. The current French president Nicolas Sarkozy joined them for dinner in the castle of Yquem. The total cost of the wedding was over $7Million.

4. Wayne Rooney and Collen Mclaughlin

These two wed in Portofino Italy on the 12th June 2008. The wedding turned into a four day party on a yacht with 64 guests flown in on five private jets. The wedding was simple in that they served pizza at the reception but all other things like the bride's dress by Marchesa cost $3Million added up. Total cost of the wedding was $15Million, $5Million of which they got back through a deal with OK Magazine, giving them exclusive rights to cover the wedding.

3. Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev

Son of New York Hotelier married actress Priya in February 18 2006 in a 10 day celebration across Mumbai, Udaipur and Delhi. 600 guests from 26 countries were flown in on private jets. Guests included Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell and P.diddy. Estimated cost of the wedding was $20Million.

2. Aleksandra Kokotovic and Andrei Melnichenko

Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera were both flown in on private jets to perform as Russian Billionaire Andrei Melnichenko and former Miss Yugoslavia Aleksandra wed. They were paid a staggering sum of $3.6Million each. Julio and Enrique Iglesias also performed. The affair was so over the top that rumours circulated that Melnichenko had a russian chapel dismantled, shipped and rebuilt in France. 
1. Seemanto & Chandni AND Sushanto & Richa

Both weddings cost $128Million. The father os the grooms is Industrialist Subrata Roy of Sahara. The weddings both took place on the 14th of February 2004 in India. There were 10,000 guests. 

As part of the festivities more than 40,000 beggars were distributed edibles across the country. The dinner had 110 types of dishes that included Indian, Mexican, Italian, Mongolian, Lebanese, Chinese, and American. 121 musicians from the British Symphony Orchestra performed across 20 Hindi overlay and patriotic songs 

 Phew!!!!!! My top two favourites are

2. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

 The world's fifth richest man, Indian steel Magnate Lakshmi Mittal gave out his daughter to investment banker Amit Bhatia. The family sent out 20-page invitations in silver boxes. Mittal put up 1000 guests in a five star Paris hotel for the five day affairs. One night there was a party at Versailles, another at a wooden castle temporarily erected for this wedding in Parc de Saint-Cloud. The wedding itself took place at Vaux Le Vicomte, a 17th century chateau in france on November 18 2004. There was also 100 different dishes prepared by a top Calcutta chef and a wine tab of $1.5Million. The total cost of the wedding was $60Million and has been honoured by Forbes as one of the most expensive weddings ever recorded. Vanisha is the No1 Billionaire Heiress in the world according to Forbes Magazine.

1. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Princess Salama

This wedding has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive wedding ever recorded. It took place in 1981 and cost $44.5 Million ($100Million in today's dollars). An amphitheater was built specifically for the 7 day event and was large enough to accommodate their 20,000 guests. 50 Arab and African song-and-dance troupes paraded before the princes, emirs, sheiks and ambassadors who had been flown in on 34 private jets. One of the performer’s who sang a song that was specially written for the couple was awarded a bright red 1981 Mercedes. Bride Salama followed a strict Bedouin tradition and spent the duration of her week long wedding celebration, cloistered in her room.

*sigh*....I don't know what to do with my life again. I'm so confused with everything i have now.